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dmb; dave and carter
houjun wrote in dmb_daily


members only. join to see the music~

Welcome to dmb_daily - a place to get your DMB flava' of the day, and discuss why the song is so great! Each day I'll post a new song from a live show spanning the entire touring career of the band - feel free to download, distribute, recommend to your friends, play all day, dance naked to...

Leave a comment with a show or a song you'd like others to hear! This is a place for DMB-fans to gather and discuss what ties us all together - the music.


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Which poster do you have?

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oooh I *love* that poster~ I have it both in normal size, and 6ft long haha~

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i have that one too... i use it as wallpaper on one of my walls. :D

your icon is so great! I love Cornbread~

i know, it has morphed into such a complex song. i remember love to listen to older versions and see what it has become.

where do you ge these songs? are they from a personal collection? i have about 300 shows so far, and growing...

They're from all the shows and songs I have stored on my external harddrive that I've been collecting for the past couple of years~ I get the shows from torrents and such that seem interesting to me. My boyfriend is also a *huge* DaveHead, and has like... 1000000000000 shows (not kidding :P) so I get a ton of them from him, as well~

your header is LOVE. absolute LOVE. as in, love, love, love is all around.

btw, i am the owner/mod of house_stamped, hehehe.

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