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dmb; dave and carter
houjun wrote in dmb_daily


members only. join to see the music~

Welcome to dmb_daily - a place to get your DMB flava' of the day, and discuss why the song is so great! Each day I'll post a new song from a live show spanning the entire touring career of the band - feel free to download, distribute, recommend to your friends, play all day, dance naked to...

Leave a comment with a show or a song you'd like others to hear! This is a place for DMB-fans to gather and discuss what ties us all together - the music.


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hey yeah, that's pretty neat! where in buffalo are you from?

i'm gonna add you to my regular journal - hope that's all right!

Oh of course it's all right!

Thank you for adding me.

Welcome to the community we call Buffalo. I was born/grew up in a the suburb of Buffalo called Cheektowaga. I'm currently living in the the village of Williamsville with my fiance winged_embrace. I see from your profile that you are from the Albany area?

Yep, I was born and raised in Albany and decided to come to Buffalo for school~ It's far enough away without being too far :P

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