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dmb; dave and carter
houjun wrote in dmb_daily


members only. join to see the music~

Welcome to dmb_daily - a place to get your DMB flava' of the day, and discuss why the song is so great! Each day I'll post a new song from a live show spanning the entire touring career of the band - feel free to download, distribute, recommend to your friends, play all day, dance naked to...

Leave a comment with a show or a song you'd like others to hear! This is a place for DMB-fans to gather and discuss what ties us all together - the music.


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OMG! Cool! Great idea.

BTW, it looks like we have a couple things in common besides our love of Dave.

hey yeah, that's pretty neat! where in buffalo are you from?

i'm gonna add you to my regular journal - hope that's all right!

Oh of course it's all right!

Thank you for adding me.

Welcome to the community we call Buffalo. I was born/grew up in a the suburb of Buffalo called Cheektowaga. I'm currently living in the the village of Williamsville with my fiance winged_embrace. I see from your profile that you are from the Albany area?

Yep, I was born and raised in Albany and decided to come to Buffalo for school~ It's far enough away without being too far :P

Um yay!!! Exciting stuff!! I have to get work done now but after that I have a DAVE POSTER TO HANG !!! and a new song to obtain and place in my endless dmb library.

Great idea btw.

Which poster do you have?

oooh I *love* that poster~ I have it both in normal size, and 6ft long haha~

crazy 6 ft?! nuts.

I can't wait to hang it up and decorate!! But I must do work and stay on top of things, or else all I can do is get behind.

i have that one too... i use it as wallpaper on one of my walls. :D

your icon is so great! I love Cornbread~

i know, it has morphed into such a complex song. i remember love to listen to older versions and see what it has become.

where do you ge these songs? are they from a personal collection? i have about 300 shows so far, and growing...

They're from all the shows and songs I have stored on my external harddrive that I've been collecting for the past couple of years~ I get the shows from torrents and such that seem interesting to me. My boyfriend is also a *huge* DaveHead, and has like... 1000000000000 shows (not kidding :P) so I get a ton of them from him, as well~

your header is LOVE. absolute LOVE. as in, love, love, love is all around.

btw, i am the owner/mod of house_stamped, hehehe.

very cool. Thanks I made the header myself with powerpoint and some creativity.

i'm new and dumb and dont even know how to join groups in which i desperately want to join, it makes me sad, can anyone help?!

Go the community's profile page. At the top, it should say "if you would like to join this community, "click here""~ Click that blue link, and it should prompt you through what you have to do.

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